Odd One Out

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Odd One Out
Publisher(s) https://expanse.studio/
Release date(s) 2020
Genre(s) Web game, Slot, Casino game, Video slot
Mode(s) Single player

Odd One Out is a video slot from the online casino games producer Expanse Studios, created in 2020.[1] It was developed using standard web technologies and it represents a computer game available on all web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It can be used on a computer without downloading, it requires a stable internet connection since the front end of the game is downloaded through web, that is, through plugins.[2]

Game Specification

Odd One Out is a video slot game, single player game with five reels in three rows, as well as 243 payment lines with different symbols.[3] To start the reel spin, in addition to the Spin button, this video slot also includes Auto play function that is used to automatically reproduce a certain number of spins. [4]


Odd One Out is set in cosmos, on the planet of bonuses and fun. The design matches the theme.[5] In addition to classic card symbols the video slot Odd One Out features three precious stones, yellow, red and blue one. There are also fruit symbols, cherry, banana and orange.[6]

Previously mentioned symbols represent the basic group of symbols, but, the slot includes special symbols as well, that entail special functions in casino games.[7] The first symbol is the joker appearing as the logo of the game and it can be found only in the third reel, but, when it does, it is turned into a magnet field. The last symbol of the slot is the scatter symbol in the form of a blue button with lighting. Depending on the number of scatter symbols on reels, free spins may vary.[8]

Online casino game Odd One Out, in addition to the main and the bonus game, includes a special game with additional bets. Also known as Double or Nothing, Gamble or Black/Red, this gamble function is envisaged as the guessing game.[9]


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