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Nutritionists, I don’t believe you Ponishare-verified.png
Type Books\Dietetics
Industry Nutritionist, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Writer, Health Mentor
Founder(s) Nutritionist Andrey Voronin
Headquarters Moscow, Partizanskaya Street , no. 35

“Nutritionists, I don’t believe you!” - an exposé book, it was written by Andrei Voronin, nutritionist, nutritionist, fitness trainer, psychologist, healthy lifestyle mentor, writer.

The book was published in 2020 and became a bestseller in a short time.

The story behind the writing of the book “Nutritionists, I Don’t Believe You!”

The idea to create a book came to Andrei Voronin as a result of a successful fight against extra pounds. Andrey decided to put into the book all his knowledge about the severity of the struggle with obesity; all the tools he learned over 12 years while he was trying to lose weight, turning to nutritionists and psychologists; and his own developments from the author’s “DietLogic” system, which not only helped Andrey lose 31 kg, but since 2020 has helped tens of thousands of people overcome excess weight. Andrey's experience was confirmed by authoritative experts in the field of medicine and psychology. The methodology used in the book is officially registered and has no analogues in the Russian-speaking space, because it is in the format of psychobehavioral therapy.

Contents of the book “Nutritionists, I don’t believe you!”

The book describes specific steps leading to a healthy diet and life principles, an analysis of the modern problem of obesity and practical work exercises to combat excess weight using the author’s system.

The book consists of two blocks - theoretical and practical.

The theoretical block provides information about what obesity is, the main ways to combat it, and what the human body gets from food.

The practical part provides specific tools for working through negative psychological attitudes associated with food.

In the book “Nutritionists, I don’t believe you!” aspects such as:

1. Preparation for your own individual healthy eating program: adequate nutrition and its role in overall health, the main components of a healthy diet.

2. Assessing the value of products and their effect on the body, ways to control constant food consumption and change habits.

3. How to cope with temptations when eating in social situations, the influence of the environment on eating habits.

4. The connection between emotions and food, the search for alternatives to combating negative emotions without food, analysis of the motives that motivate food intake and their psychological basis.

5. Self-discipline, trust in decisions and their role in losing weight, the influence of social norms on eating habits.

6. Unconscious overeating, overcoming obstacles to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

7. Myths about losing weight, their impact on understanding the process of losing weight, the role of supplements and vitamins, the influence of the habits of people around us on our own habits. The influence of TV advertising and the economic strategy of food producers.

The book also contains:

A checklist for assessing the reader's current health and nutritional status.

Practical advice on self-diagnosis of obesity and understanding your own body.

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