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Noelle Bush, clipped from a family photo, 1992-08-19.

Noelle Bush is a computer programmers, and the daughter of Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida.[1] She is primarily notable for serving as a foil in discussions of drug addiction, when her addiction to drugs became public knowledge.

During his 2016 bid to become the Republican Party's canddidate for US President many reporters noted the difference between her father's attitude towards media curiousity about her addiction, while he was Governor in the early 2000, and his attitude in 2016, while he as a Presidential aspirant.[2]

January 2002 arrest for forging a prescription

In January 2002 Bush was arrested for forging a prescription to Xanax, an antidepressant.[3] She was later convicted, and given a suspended sentence, provided she enroll in court-monitored drug rehabilitation. In September 2002, other clients at a drug rehabilitation centre phoned 911 to report her use of illicit drugs, within that centre.[1][4] They reported that the centre's staff had found her using illegal drugs, but declined to call police, which they would do with any other client, in the same circumstances. The 911 caller stated Bush's act of bringing drugs into the rehabilitation centre threatened their own recovery efforts.

Bush was sentenced to a ten days incarceration, for this lapse, on October 18, 2002.[3]


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