Ninth reported Guantanamo captive to die in captivity

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The ninth reported Guantanamo captive to die in captivity expired on September 8, 2012, three days before the 11th anniversary of al Qaeda's attacks on September 11, 2001.[1][2] Captain Robert Durand asserted that the captive had been a long term hunger striker, until June of 2012, but had almost recovered from his weight loss. He was being held in segration, in Camp Five. His age, identity and nationality were withheld.

The New Zealand Herald, citing American officials who would only provide information anonymously, reported the dead man was from Yemen.[3]

According to Charlie Savage, writing in the New York Times, camp authorities declined to refute or confirm whether there were any unusual circumstances in the man's death.[4] The New Zealand Herald, on the other hand, quoted Captain Robert Durand stating there had been no obvious cause of the man's death.[3]

Two of the previous eight acknowledged deaths were individuals who died of natural causes -- cancer and heart failure.[2][4] Camp authorities have claimed the other six had all completed suicide. But the long delayed inquiries were heavily redacted and contained suspicious elements. Further, camp authorities withheld key organs and key evidence from a blue ribbon panel of independent pathologists.


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