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Nightracer is a female Decepticon from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Nightracer is described as a Decepticon sharpshooter and loner.

Fun Publications

Nightracer was later cloned by Jhiaxus.


  • Nightracer (1985)
A repaint of High Beam released as a BotCon exclusive.
  • Nightracer (unproduced)
A new Nightracer figure was briefly considered as a repaint/retool of a mold of Arcee but ultimately never produced.
  • Timelines Nightracer with Shakar (2015)
A repaint of Transformers: Generations Tailgate with a Micron partner named Shakar, an anagram of Transformers fan Raksha who created the concept for the original Nightracer.