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Nightracer is a female Decepticon from the Transformers franchise.

Generation 1

Nightracer is described as a Decepticon sharpshooter and loner.

Fun Publications

Nightracer was later cloned by Jhiaxus.


  • Nightracer (1985)
A repaint of High Beam released as a BotCon exclusive.
  • Nightracer (unproduced)
A new Nightracer figure was briefly considered as a repaint/retool of a mold of Arcee but ultimately never produced.
  • Timelines Nightracer with Shakar (2015)
A repaint of Transformers: Generations Tailgate with a Micron partner named Shakar, an anagram of Transformers fan Raksha who created the concept for the original Nightracer.

Shattered Glass

In April 20221 Robby Musso drew an image of Shattered Glass Nightracer.


  • Hasbro Transformers: Generations Thrilling 30 Legends Tailgate with Groundbuster (2014)
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Nightracer with Shakar.