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Nickel is a female Decepticon from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

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Nickel is a Mini-Con from the colony Prion. When the anti-robot group the Black Block Consortia came across Prion, they exterminated the population. However, they missed Nickel, who was later found by the Decepticon Justice Division and became their medic.

When the group learned of Megatron's defection to the Autobots, the D.J.D.'s leader Tarn attempted to commit suicide, but Nickel's worry led him to not go through with it. She was later present when Tarn convinced Deathsaurus and his army to help attack Megatron as retribution.

Nickel participated in the battle on Necroworld, against Megatron and several Autobots from the Lost Light. Notably, she was the one to neutralize the ex-warlord's powerful fusion cannon. However, when she realized Tarn cared more about Megatron than the Decepticon cause, she ordered Deathsaurus and his troops to leave and departed with them.

Eventually, she was named Commander Nickel and led her Deceptions in a battle between them, the Galactic Council, and the Black Block Consortia. When the Scavengers, a group who have been called the worst Deceptions in history, went through a portal that had opened on the battlefield, Nickel was knocked through after them.