Nguyễn Quang Nam

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Nguyen Quang Nam

Native name Nguyễn Quang Nam
Born 14 October, 2005
Bac Giang,Viet Nam
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Actor
Years active 2021
Known for Hot boy

Nguyen Quang Nam (born October 14, 2005 in Bac Giang) As a hot boy, Vietnamese male actor. Genz is a name that is no longer strange to the online community.


Nguyen Quang Nam Still a student, but Quang Nam loves and pursues the artistic path of being an Actor, Genz also tries his hand at modeling, Tiktoker, KOLs. Quang Nam also wishes to become a famous actor in the future. Nam shared that he is trying to cultivate to develop and change himself, building his image on social networking platforms.

Known by many people, the life of the hot guy Actor Nguyen Quang Nam becomes even more interesting. However, besides the positive effects, the guy also received a lot of mixed and negative comments, but for that young man, it can be seen as suggestions for him to overcome his shortcomings and improve his performance. better self.


Actor Nguyen Quang Nam

Future plan

Quang Nam said that she will always try to study well and continue to pursue her current job. Along with that, Quang Nam also wants to have a great influence in the field of photo modeling and become a bold and quality fashion stylist. Hope Quang Nam will reap a lot of success with his plans in the future.