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News Wire Magazine is an American magazine and website focusing on entrepreneurship, small business management, podcasting, motivational speaking, and leadership. The platform emphasizes the entrepreneurial culture.


News Wire started as a press release distribution company founded in 1997[1]. The company was acquired in 2018 by American entrepreneur M. Curtis McCoy[2]. News Wire plays a pivotal role in distributing press releases to journalists and media outlets, in addition to offering a searchable database of these releases[3].

Customers range from budding entrepreneurs and public relations firms to large corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The company's headquarters is situated in the United States.

In July 2022, News Wire expanded its portfolio by launching the News Wire Magazine[4]. This publication delves into the insights, challenges, and successes of entrepreneurs, coaches, motivational speakers, and leaders. The magazine provides in-depth articles spanning a vast range of business topics from funding and marketing to franchising and leadership development.

News Wire (magazine)

The first issue of News Wire Magazine was published in July 2022[5]. The publication highlights entrepreneurs, coaches, motivational speakers, and leaders crushing it in life and business. Editorials include a more comprehensive range of businesses and business topics.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, including funding sources for entrepreneurs, business plan development tips, marketing advice for small businesses, franchising information, and leadership development resources. The website also offers a form where PR specialists and contributors can submit articles for review/publication.


News Wire Magazine is currently accepting applications for columnists. The founders plan to host an annual awards program that recognizes businesses that have succeeded in various categories, including technology innovation, social media engagement, customer service, human resources, and product development.

In addition to the magazine and website, News Wire offers press release distribution services for companies and organizations. The team works with clients to syndicate compelling press releases that will generate buzz and attract media attention.

Stay up-to-date on all things related to entrepreneurship, small business management, leadership, and more by subscribing to News Wire Magazine. Join the community of successful entrepreneurs who have taken their businesses to the next level by submitting your editorial to News Wire Magazine.

Submit An Article

If you would like to be featured in News Wire Magazine, you can submit an article draft and photos directly to News Wire.[6]


Contributors and PR specialists can take advantage of the platform's offer to submit articles for review and potential publication. News Wire Magazine also aims to launch an annual awards program to spotlight outstanding businesses across several categories.

Spotlight Reviews

News Wire Magazine offers a dedicated "Spotlight Reviews" section for business owners, authors, and companies promoting relevant products and services. This segment aims to provide readers with comprehensive insights into products and services crafted to enhance the life and operations of the entrepreneur.

Each product, service, or book highlighted within this section undergoes a thorough examination by the magazine's experienced team. This ensures that the recommendations presented are authentic and of significant value to the reader.

News Wire Magazine remains steadfast in its mission to deliver only top-tier suggestions, reinforcing its dedication to bolstering the entrepreneurial community by providing reliable and beneficial reviews.

Stay Connected

Subscribe to News Wire Magazine for the latest insights on entrepreneurship, small business management, leadership, and more. The magazine welcomes editorial submissions from industry leaders and enthusiasts.

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