Nelitha Priyawansha

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Nelitha Vindinu Priyawansha
Native name Biyanwilage Nelitha Vindinu Priyawansha Fernando
Born 2006/05/13
Residence .Panadura
Nationality Sri Lankan
Education Prince of Wales' COllege, Moratuwa
Alma mater PWC
Occupation web developer
Years active 2021-Present
Employer CEO
Agent 20
Known for Music,Web And Android Software developer
Home town Panadura
Net worth N/A
Height 5 fit 7 inch
Television None
Title Nelitha Priyawansha

Nelitha is a 17-year-old student at Prince of Wales College in Moratuwa. He enjoys web development and serves as an editor for In the future, he hopes to work in the AI sector, aiming for companies like Google, Microsoft, or Meta.

As a student, Nelitha likely has a diverse academic curriculum, gaining knowledge and skills for the future. Balancing coursework with web development showcases his dedication and time management skills.

Nelitha's role as an editor at reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of technology trends and collaborating in a digital space.

Choosing a career in the AI sector aligns with the evolving technology landscape. Google, Microsoft, and Meta are leaders in this field, known for groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence. Nelitha's ambition indicates a desire to contribute to cutting-edge developments in AI.

To prepare for his future, Nelitha might engage in self-directed learning, coding projects, and staying informed about AI advancements. Building a foundation in programming, machine learning, and data science will likely be crucial.

As Nelitha progresses, he may face challenges and opportunities for growth. Networking, internships, and staying curious about emerging technologies will contribute to his success.

In conclusion, Nelitha's story is one of ambition, dedication, and a passion for technology. Pursuing education and honing web development skills, his goal of working in the AI sector is within reach. The journey promises to be dynamic and rewarding as he strives to make a meaningful impact in artificial intelligence.