Naomi Biden (lawyer)

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Naomi Biden
Born 1994 (age 28–29)
Nationality USA
Occupation lawyer
Known for 19th relative of a US President to get married in The White House
Parents Hunter Biden, Kathleen Buhle
Biden is friends with Tiffany Trump - this photo of the pair hanging out in the Hamptons, in 2018, has been widely republished.[1]

Naomi Biden is an American lawyer, and granddaughter of American President Joe Biden.[2] Biden married in a ceremony in The White House, on November 19, 2022, while her grandfather was President.[3] There had been eighteen previous marriages in the white house, but hers was the first marriage of a grandchild. Nine of the previous marriages were of President's children. According to People magazine, the marriage of President Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia Nixon was the last previous White House marriage.

Biden's father, Hunter Biden, named Naomi after his baby sister, Naomi Christian Biden, her aunt, who died as an infant in the same December 1972 car crash that killed his mother.[4] She is Joe Biden's oldest grandchild, and reporters have looked to her social media posts for information about what her siblings and cousins are really like.[5] According to Elle magazine, her posts show that "...this group, who’ve spent their lives in the public spotlight, is tight.". Glamour magazine noted that it was Naomi who posted family photos of young Joe Biden and his new wife Jill, noting how "far they had come", shortly after he was elected President.[6]

When the Democratic caucus met, to choose a Presidential candidate for 2020, Naomi and her three fellow granddaughters, Finnegan, Maisy, and Natalie, released a video they recorded together, recording their encouragement to their grandfather to run for President.[6] USA Today quoted Naomi's reaction to her grandfather's win, "Everyone's crying and embraced each other. I think we'll always remember that moment.".[7]

Biden and Peter Neal were introduced by a mutual friend in 2018, and have been together since.[2][8] They announced their engagement in September 2021.[3] The wedding is scheduled for November 19, 2022.

Naomi, and her fiance Peter, released a tool that allowed Americans to check their eligibility for benefits under the CARES Act, online.[6]

Biden attended the University of Pennsylvania at the same time as Tiffany Trump, the fourth child of Donald Trump, when he was President of the United States.[3] The two young women are friends, in spite of their families supporting different political parties.[1][3][9]

On President's Day, 2021, Naomi and her cousins and siblings gave her grandfather President-themed presents.[10] Town and Country magazine quoted her, on the appropriateness of the Presidentially-themed presents, since he was "literally the President." They repeated that it was Naomi's social media reporters relied on for candid information about her grandfather's family.


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