Nagmud Bazar K. I. Fazil Madrasah

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Nagmuad bazar k. i. fazil madrasah Verified badge IG.png
Nagmuad bazar k. i. fazil madrasah
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Native name Nagmuad bazar k.i.fazil madrasah
Occupation Madrasah
Years active 152 Year

Nagmuad bazar k.i fazil madrasah is an educational establishment that is located at nagmuad bazar,Ramganj,lakshmipur. Its Educational Ramganj Identification Number or EIIN, is 107083. On 01 January, 1981, it was first put into operation. The alternative name for nagmuad bazar k.i.fazil madrasah is নাগমুদ বাজার কে.আই.ফাজিল মাদ্ররাসা . It is a Combined sort of co- educational program.[1] The institution provides education in the following fields: Business Studies, Science, Humanities.

Student= Sahadat hossain

Its MPO number is 1003102301. It operates on Day shift(s). Its management is Managing. Its recognition is Recognized by the government and the recognition level is Secondary.[2] The school/college has MPO level with MPO number 1003102301 and the MPO type is Yes. nagmuad bazar k i fazil madrasah is under

madrasah Education Board.

While many other high schools teach numerous disciplines, you can find the major disciplines that they teach in this high school as Business Studies, Science, Humanities. The management type of this institute is Managing. The region in which it is located is Grameen with geographic location as Plain Land. The institute is in the constituency no 3. Average age of the teachers at Charai - Kol High School is 151 years.


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