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Early Life

Noman Aeby

Picture of Noman Aeby
Born Noman
14 June 1998
Residence Old Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Habibullah Bahar University College
Occupation YouTuber, Content Creator
Height 5'9"

Noman Aeby is a Bangladeshi YouTuber & Content Creator. He was born in Chandpur, Bangladesh. He is the content creator of SWAGDESH, which is the most popular Roasting Entertainment YouTube Channel in Bangladesh.


Noman is a well-known YouTube Content Creator in Bangladesh. He started his first YouTube Channel called Dhakaiya Swag in 2017. For some reason, he lost his first popular YouTube Channel & also his official Dhakaiya Swag Facebook Page. Then he was depressed about that & after some days, he started his new YouTube Channel called SWAGDESH. It got a great number of public responses in a few days which was outstanding. He also have a personal YouTube Channel called Noman Aeby. He is already awarded 2 Silver Play Buttons from YouTube for crossing 100K subscribers on his two YouTube channels.



SWAGDESH YouTube Channel

Noman Aeby YouTube Channel