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Nûh Suwaidi is a woman, from Germany, who traveled to ISIS occupied Iraq and Syria with her militant husband.[1] She bore three children there, fathered by her late husband, during brief visits between his combat missions.[2]

Suwaidi described trying to leave ISIS territory, after his death, and being unable to get a visa.[1] She and her three toddlers ended up in a crowded refugee camp. Ynetnews profiled her, in January 2019. They predicted she would face a show trial, like thousands of other Brides of ISIS. According to Ynetnews most of the women tried for being the bride of an ISIS fighter received death sentences, or were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Suwaidi acknowledged that ISIS had circulated a picture of her firing a rifle, but said the photo did not indicate she was a militant, or had engaged in hostilities.[1] She said that, shortly after their arrival her husband had given her permission to take lessons in target shooting.


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