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Logo of Mybitstore
Native name Mybitstore
Years active 2021- present
Known for Mybitstore

About Mybitstore

Mybitstore is a cryptocurrency trading platform to buy, sell, send, receive and convert cryptocurrencies. Mybitstore offers peer-to-peer trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, and business-to-customer (B2C) trading. Mybitstore currently runs mobile applications on Apple Appstore, Google Playstore and a website. Mybitstore also offers to buy and selling various types of gift cards.

Mybitstore History

Mybitstore is an African cryptocurrency trading platform where users can buy, trade, convert, send, and receive cryptocurrency using both African and global payment channels.

Users can also use a Peer To Peer Platform, which is built on a world-class safe escrow, to inter-trade and set their pricing.

Due to unintegrated payment systems and the lack of payment infrastructure in some countries, most Africans were financially excluded from the global financial market and also do not have complete or any financial freedom hence another reason for the establishment of Mybitstore.

Benjamin Anderson founded Mybitstore in 2018, and it was released in 2021.

The three-year delay between creation and introduction was owing to the complexity of integrating payments from different countries, as well as the lack of international payment systems in some parts of Africa.

By March 2022, it had surpassed established companies to become one of Ghana's and Africa's most popular crypto apps. "The African Crypto Messiah," as he's been dubbed.

2017-2022 Mybitstore arose from Benjamin Anderson's vision of a "desire to bring and educate the African on the power of crypto." Benjamin Anderson, a Ghanaian Business Executive, Philanthropist, and Fintech developer pioneered the notion of bringing crypto to Africans through education.

The Benjamin Anderson Foundation (BAF) was formed to educate the general public about cryptocurrency, its adoption, and how to stay safe when operating in the cryptocurrency space.

"The majority of people around me didn't comprehend crypto, so I recognized the need to teach them through The Benjamin Anderson Foundation, an NGO I founded.'

Founder of Mybitstore, Benjamin Anderson The transition from the Benjamin Anderson Foundation to a crypto trading app was motivated by the need to provide financial inclusion, freedom and a safer place for Peer-to-Peer exchange of crypto values across the globe.

"A lot of my friends got into crypto, but they lost a lot of money due to frauds and bogus programs."

Benjamin Anderson and Daniel Darko-Chief Technology Officer created the initial Mybitstore prototype, which was used as an internal service by Benjamin's crypto peers. The pilot was successful and that initiated the introduction of the full version in 2021.

"Half the job was done once people realized they could buy and trade bitcoin using mobile money and bank transfers." We realized we'd made something unique." - Darko, Daniel

Benjamin Anderson feels that Mybitstore's success can be linked to a 24/7 customer service strategy implemented by the marketing team.

"The user is the most valuable currency at Mybitstore, and this prioritizing of customers has been the single most important component in the Mybitstore brand's success. The Mobile App was designed with the needs of app users in mind, with security features.

It's almost as if the merchant built Mybitstore himself. The user is Mybitstore's loudest voice, and in response, Mybitstore offers a 24-hour customer service line."

Program for Affiliates

Mybitstore offered the option to refer and earn Bitcoin by sharing referral codes in November of 2021. After downloading, users can share a referral code/link with other users, earning BTC on the chargeable transactions of those with whom they shared the code.


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