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Goblintechkeys (custom keycaps)
Type Privately held company
Industry Keyboard accessories
Founder(s) John Tan
Area served Worldwide
  • Custom mechanical keyboards
  • Keycaps
  • DIY kits
  • Mousepads
Employees 15
Website goblintechkeys.com

Goblintechkeys is a Malaysian company which sells custom mechanical keyboards, keycaps and mousepads.[1] The company's own website also features a blog with information and news about the mechanical keyboard community, as well as reviews of different keyboards and components.[2][3]


Goblintechkeys was founded in July 15, 2021 in Malacca, Malaysia. John Tan is the founder of the company. The company has headquarters in Malacca, Malaysia with offices in Malacca and Oregon, US. Goblintechkeys started a kickstarter campaign on 23, March 2022.[4] The company has 15 employees as of right now.


Goblintechkeys offers a range of products related to mechanical keyboards and mousepads, including:

  1. Custom mechanical keyboards: Goblintechkeys offers a variety of custom mechanical keyboards, including 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and full-size layouts, as well as ergonomic and split keyboards. The company offers wide range of layouts such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, JIS, Arabic layout, South Korea layout, Thai layout and many others.
  1. Custom Keycaps: The company sells a wide range of PBT keycaps, artisan keycaps, and keycap sets in various colors and designs which can be customized. Goblintechkeys offers area keycap printing as well as single keycap printing technologies with no color limitation.
  2. DIY kits: For those who want to build their own custom mechanical keyboards, Goblintechkeys offers DIY kits that include a PCB, case, and other components.
  3. Custom mousepads: Goblintechkeys also offers a huge variety of custom mousepads for the users to choose as per their needs.


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