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Muntasir Mahdi
Born 08 October, 1999
Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Nationality Mymensingh
Occupation Islamic Speaker, Actor, Director & YouTuber
Known for Video Making & also for his Blog post, Acting, Directing & Islamic Speech
Height 5'4"

Muntasir Mahdi (Bengali: মুনতাসির মাহদি) is a Bengali Islamic Researcher and YouTuber. He makes Islamic videos in Bengali language on YouTube. He mostly answers questions from atheists. However, he also makes Islamic short films.her first short Flim name is Mitha . [1]

Early life

Muntasir Mahdi was born on October 8,1999. his full name is Muntasir Billah Mahdi.her father was a teacher and her mother is a house wife. [2]


Muntasir Mahdi attended Tanjimul Ummah cadet Madrasah from 2015 to 2017. then in 2017, he was admitted to Alim Class at darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Madrasah.After passing Alim from there, he is currently studying at Islamic Arabic University [3].


Muntasir Billah Mahdi is a prominent Bengali Islamic researcher, YouTuber, and Islamic thinker hailing from Sherpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Born on October 8, 1999, he has dedicated his life to spreading knowledge and promoting Islamic teachings through his captivating videos and thought-provoking content on various digital platforms.

Growing up in a family of knowledge seekers, Muntasir Mahdi developed a deep passion for Islam from an early age. His father, a respected teacher, instilled in him a love for learning and guided him towards the path of enlightenment. His mother, a dedicated homemaker, provided unwavering support in his pursuit of knowledge.

Muntasir Mahdi embarked on his educational journey at Tanjimul Ummah Cadet Madrasah, where he spent two formative years from 2015 to 2017. With a thirst for deeper understanding, he was admitted to Alim Class at Darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Madrasah in 2017. There, he delved into the vast expanse of Islamic studies, acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of Islamic principles and teachings.

After successfully completing his Alim course, Muntasir Mahdi continued his academic journey at the prestigious Islamic Arabic University. Currently pursuing higher education, he remains committed to expanding his knowledge and deepening his understanding of Islam.

Muntasir Mahdi's foray into the digital world began when he established his main YouTube channel, Mahdi Muntasir. Through this platform, he shares enlightening Islamic videos in Bengali, catering to a wide audience, including both believers and non-believers. Known for his astute explanations and logical reasoning, he has become a trusted source for answers to complex questions, particularly those posed by atheists.

In addition to his informative content, Muntasir Mahdi is also a talented filmmaker. He created his first short film titled "Mitha," which explores Islamic values and offers profound insights into the human experience. Through the medium of filmmaking, he aims to touch the hearts and minds of his viewers, leaving a lasting impact.

Recognizing the need for a separate platform dedicated to promoting Halal content, Muntasir Mahdi launched his second YouTube channel, Halal Multimedia. On this channel, he shares a diverse range of videos, including Islamic short films, lectures, and discussions, further expanding his reach and impact.

Muntasir Mahdi's contributions to the world of Islamic knowledge and digital media have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. His ability to bridge the gap between traditional Islamic teachings and the modern world has made him a revered figure among the youth and a source of inspiration for aspiring scholars.

As a Bengali Islamic researcher and YouTuber, Muntasir Mahdi's work continues to inspire countless individuals to seek knowledge, question their beliefs, and embrace the beauty and wisdom of Islam. His dedication, intellectual prowess, and commitment to spreading authentic Islamic teachings have established him as a prominent voice in the field, earning him the respect and admiration of his audience and peers alike.

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