Munim Tech BD Record

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Munim Tech BD Record

Munim Tech BD Record
Native name Munim Tech BD Record
Born 18 October 2020 (2020-10-18) (age 2)
Pabna, Bangladesh
Residence Pabna
Nationality Bangladeshi

[Record Label ]

  • Record Label
Years active

2021- present

  • Munim Tech BD Record (Label)
  • Swajan Server Record (Label)
Known for [Record Label]
Home town Pabna


Munim Tech BD Record is a Well known Music Record Label Company in Bangladesh. They started their journey on 18 october 2020. The number of Their followers through social media is increasing day by day.

C.E.O : Munim Arefin Swajan

Member : 1. Artist :Srabon Talukder

2. Artist :Mohammad Shawon

3. Artist : Mashikur Rahman

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