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Mujhe Suno (مجھے سنو) is a Pakistani mental health awareness initiative led by Sophia Jaffery.[[1]] Beginning in late 2021, the initiative is an effort destigmatize mental health in Pakistan through documenting real life stories of Pakistani’s that suffer in silence due to the taboo. It also seeks to heighten awareness and education regarding the treatment of people who suffer from mental health & societal issues, and ultimately influence policy to address these issues through documenting the lived experience of Pakistanis and highlighting the underlying causes of the taboo in Pakistan.


Mujhe Suno (مجھے سنو) translates to “Listen to Me,” in Urdu; the native language of Pakistan. According to the Aga Khan University’s psychiatric department, approximately 50 million Pakistanis suffer from some sort of mental illness. Mental health in Pakistan is affiliated with an extreme social bias. Due to a lack of awareness on the scope of mental health, people with mental health struggles are often discriminated against in Pakistan[[2]]. In Subh Savaaray, the founder revealed that as much as 40% of Pakistans population suffers from some form of mental health issues[3]. This has long led to people with mental health issues to suffer in silence. Mujhe Suno was founded by Sophia Jaffery, a mental health advocate, in October 2021. Mujhe Suno shares real life stories of Pakistani's and their plight. Mujhe Suno has been featured in multiple Pakistani morning shows.In Subh Savaaray, Pakistans top morning show, the founder revealed that Mujhe Suno has helped more than 1000 people in just 60 days of its start[4]. According to Voice of America, the founder shared that people wanting to share their stories usually connect with the organization to anonymously share their experiences[[5]]. The comments they receive in return range from support, advice and many times free resources[[6]].

Impact & Future Endeavors

In just two months of its start, Mujhe Suno (مجھے سنو) has gotten aid to Pakistani's in numerous ways. Along with getting hundreds of people into therapy and finding them access to mental health services, Mujhe Suno has rescued domestic violence victims to safety & gotten individuals affected by the economic crisis in Pakistans jobs[[7]]. In the future, the founder. states that Mujhe Suno will contribute to the Pakistani economy by hiring teams of mental health professionals in every major city in Pakistan[[8]]. The sole purpose of these teams will be mental health awareness & free therapy services for Pakistani's.[[9]]


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