Muhammad Luthfe Ali

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Muhammad Luthfe Ali
Luthfe Ali
Working with travel inventory & technology
Native name Oryin
Born 1988-01-26 Lakshmipur
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Business
Organization zooFamily
Height 5.9"
Religion Islam

Muhammad Luthfe Ali is a passionate traveler and entrepreneur in the travel industry in Bangladesh. Three things are consistent in his life: work, travel, and workouts. In his free time, he always loves to do online research; it gives him knowledge. Life is too short to live, so he loves mental connections. He has chosen his profession in the travel business category with passion! He has two IATA-accredited travel agents called Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. and Airways Office. He operates Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. as MD and Airways Office as CEO. On another side, he is working with travel technology and solutions; this is a travel software company called zoo Travel Technology Company. He is the proprietor of this zoo Travel Technology Company, a BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) member. He believes the best part of life is touching another person's life. That’s the reason he works...


Muhammad Luthfe Ali is doing his career with the global travel marketplace. All businesses are established under a community; called zooFamily. He is the founder of zooFamily. And, zooFamily is a school of travel inventory and technology. We provide aviation and travel industry solutions in the global travel business marketplace! We believe the travel business is a combination of travel inventory and technology. So zooFamily stands for travel business support. He serves travel business consulting, B2B ID, GDS courses, GDS ID, IATA partnerships, OTA software, travel APIs, and solutions. With our OTA Software and Course, a person could develop his/her career in the aviation trade and travel industries. Our training and workshop create value for developing a travel business and career. With us, you can develop visa, tour, flight, and hotel booking portals or websites. We help to generate an online travel company from any country!

We believe there are two parts to the travel business. One is "Travel Inventory", which means travel products, and it is mainly connected with GDS, NDC, IATA, airlines, travel agents, and hotel supplier inventory data. And another part is "Travel Technology", a web-based application or OTA software. The technology helps make an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and an OTA system connected to airline APIs, travel agent APIs, hotel APIs, and software features. The software is connected with API data, account data, payment gateways, markup policies, an admin panel, and user interfaces. With this OTA software, you can develop your travel business not only locally but also in the global marketplace!

zooFamily organizer has more than 10 years of experience working with travel inventory and technology businesses. zooFamily organizers are Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd., Airways Office, and zoo Travel Technology Company. For global standard maintenance, our organizer has taken multiple IATA (International Air Transport Association) memberships, and Zoo Travel Technology is a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) membership. Which work with travel APIs, OTA software, travel solutions, and APPS. We aim to achieve global travel deals and serve them in the online travel industry. Our search engine allows you to find the best travel deals from many online travel suppliers, hotels, and airlines. With a few clicks, you can check out the demo and business modules.[1]. A user can book a travel service from the online travel business platform. And we introduce the best way to learn and earn from the aviation and travel industries. Our career profile creation is a solid way to make your career profile. Which helps you get a visa for any country, makes you financially strong, and creates an opportunity to be a traveler. In the contribution of zooFamily, we believe we are successful when we can touch lives with our works!

We believe we are a school of travel inventory and technology! We take high sales targets from airlines, hotels, and travel suppliers. And the other side we distribute targets to our business partners to earn extra incentives. We provide a full IATA commission as well extra incentive. Our contribution helps to develop the aviation and travel industry business. And our training, workshops, software, and service make the travel business easier. By using our travel software anyone can earn from the global aviation and travel industries.

If you are interested in being our students then here are our course and consultancy products: Travel Business Consultancy |GDS Air Ticketing Course | IATA Course. If you are interested in our investment then click on our investment module, And if you are in interested in our B2B platform then here is our platform: Flight | Hotel | Tour | Visa.

Why working as a Travel Consultant?

I have traveled 6 continents and more than 50 countries around the world with a Bangladeshi passport. You know Bangladesh passport ranking where we don't get so many on-arrival visas. So it's a challenge to travel around the world with a weak passport. But I believe the first element to travel is money, and you don't need a powerful passport, you need powerful money and knowledge. I love to work as your travel consultant; where I will assist you to get the best travel deals for flights and hotels. I am an IATA-approved travel consultant; who assists many travelers globally. If you are a frequent traveler, and you spend a lot of money on your flight and hotel; then I am the person who will save you a lot of money as a travel consultant. In fact, if a person avails of a premium visa consultancy from zooFamily; then I am the person who will assist you with your visa. Virtually I provide this travel consultancy around the world, which helps a traveler in many ways. With my passion (traveling) I choose my career; where I will save you a lot of money, time, and effort. I will be your yearly travel consultant for only 45$ (4500BDT). Globally I am providing this service to any traveler, I believe with my travel consultancy subscription a traveler can save a lot for the full year. I will assist you to save your traveling money & plan for the full year. As an IATA-approved consultant, I always try to maintain global standards in my consultancy. For details, you may look at my service and reviews:

Why working as a Travel Business Consultant?

If you understand the color of money you will see life differently; that's the reason we all work! In today's world we are losing the real money touch, all money works virtually. This means money is connected virtually around the world with local & international payment gateway; only you need to understand which solution you are using, and by which payment gateway you are using. I mean the objective is really important to understand a travel business module. In the travel business operation, a lot of people fail because some people's money flow is so strong; others don't exist without a strong solution to run their business! And the travel business has various solutions like flights, hotels, tours, visas, etc. To understand these APIs and OTA solutions you need a travel business consultant. That's the reason I am working as a travel business consultant. Before starting an investment you should take this travel business consultancy; this travel business consultancy is a unique inspiration to work with the aviation and the travel industry. To order travel business or OTA software or IATA consultancy click the link:

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