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Birth name MD Arafat Chowdhury Ayon
Born 7 November 1997 (1997-11-07) (age 26)
Comilla, Nawab bari chowmuhani], Bangladesh
Origin Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
Genres Bangladeshi Hip hop , rap
Occupations Rapper, lyricist
Years active 2010-present

MD Arafat Chowdhury Ayon Also Known As Mr PsychoV , He is a Bangladeshi Rap artist & aslo a beatboxer . He is from Comilla Hip Hop Hood (CHH) Plan-B , Comilla Nawbab Zone . Borned 7th November 1997 in Comilla Nawbab Bari . His hometown in Brahmanbaria . He started Hip-hop as a independent Rap Artist in 2010 from Comilla HipHop Hood.


Early Life

Mr PsychoV started his career as an underground rapper in 2010 after discovering hip hop on a song. One day his cousin was listening to eminem's song "Not afraid" on his computer. He asked his brother, 'What kind of song is this?' His brother said, "It's a rap song”. Ever since then, he has been attracted to rap. Then he has been trying to write rap in English because he thought rap could only be done in English. One day he suddenly heard a song 'We Ride Together' which was a Bengali rap song and it was a song of rappers of Comilla City. From then on he started rapping, writing and listening in Bangla. He got inspiration for Bengal rap seeing the famous rapper of Comilla and the trap king of Bengal rap 'Irfu G'. From then on he started listening to Bengali rap like - 'Ei Mama Ei' of Black Zang , 'Kata Tarer Bera' of Deshi MCs , 'Jalali Set', Jomidari Masti' of Irfu G & Sants Vials , 'Stoic Bliss' and many more. He cites Eminem , Irfu G , Tupac , 50 Cent , Black Zang , MC Mugz, his influences.



Song Performed by Written by Produced by
"Beiman" Mr PsychoV Mr PsychoV Avantex
"Itihash" THE 4TEEN , Mr PsychoV THE 4TEEN , Mr PsychoV Noron Beats
"Astanaa" Mr PsychoV , THE 4TEEN Mr PsychoV , THE 4TEEN Noron Beats
"Songhaat" THE 4TEEN , SMASH MUSIC , Raadoww , Mr PsychoV THE 4TEEN , SMASH MUSIC , Raadoww , Mr PsychoV AV Records
"Trap Shot" THE 4TEEN , Mr PsychoV THE 4TEEN , Mr PsychoV RN Beatz
"Buli Dia Khuli" Mr PsychoV Mr PsychoV RN Beatz
"Cypher City Zone VOL 1" Mr PsychoV , THE 4TEEN , IcOn , KaartuZ , WHITE BLooD Mr PsychoV , THE 4TEEN , IcOn , KaartuZ , WHITE BLooD RN Beatz

Personal Life

MD Arafat Chowdhury Ayon everyone knows him as Ayon Chowdhury / Ayon / Arafat / Chowdhury Shaheb . His stage name is Mr PsychoV . He is a HipHop/Rap Artist , Lyrics Writer , Video Editor , Sound Composer & Cricketer . He started his career in Hip Hop/Rap 2010 as a independent artist . He has been devoted to cricket since childhood , In his cricket life he is a Fast Bowler and Right hand batsman . He played for his team as an all-rounder . He playing cricket for Comilla in Comilla Cricket Coaching Centre . His coach's name is Saroher Jahan & Saroher Jahan owner of Comilla Cricket Coaching Centre (CCCC) . MD Arafat Chowdhury Ayon's family includes his parents and a younger brother . His father name MD Abu Arif Chowdhury , His mother name Supria Chowdhury , His brother name MD Arman Chowdhury Apon .


{{Beiman / Mr PsychoV / Bangla Rap Song 2020 / Comilla HipHop Hood-PlanB / Official Music Video - 17 august 2020

Itihash/THE 4TEEN x Mr PsychoV/Bangla Rap 2021/Comilla HipHop Hood-PlanB/Official Music Video - 8 january 2021

Astanaa/Mr PsychoV X THE 4TEEN/Bangla Rap Song 2021/CHH - PlanB/Official Music Video - 5 march 2021

Songhaat/THE 4TEEN x SMASH x Raadoww x Mr PsychoV/CHH-PlanB/Official Music Video/BanglaRap2021 - 2 april 2021}}

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