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Mr. Xherlie

At his birthday in Buffalo, NY
Born Muhammad H. Bari
12 feb 2001
Noakhali, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi-American
Other names Ariyan
Alma mater SUNY Erie Community College
Occupation Comedian, Internet personality, Musician, content creator
Years active 2016-present
Known for Social Media Influencer
Height 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight 130 pounds

Muhammad H. Bari (Born February 12 2001) better known as Mr. Xherlie, is a Bangladeshi-American Internet personality, Youtuber, Singer, Music composer, Social Entrepreneur. As well as Entertainer who posts every week on his Facebook Page with over 60K followers, he has also achieved 100k followers over the last few years on his Facebook. He has made his music available on audio platforms including Spotify,Apple Music, & Youtube, and many more.

Early Life and Education

Mr. Xherlie was born in Noakhali, Bangladesh on February 12, 2001. He grew up in Noakhali's Maijdee Court. In 2014, he received his JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) from Al Madrashatud Deenia Dakhil Madrasha in Noakhali, Bangladesh. During his SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exam in 2016, he moved to the United States and continued his education at Lafayette International High School in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Lafayette International High School in 2019 and received his high school diploma. He wanted to complete his bachelor's degree after graduating from high school, so he enrolled in SUNY Erie Community College with a criminal justice major.from web


Mr. Xherlie has wanted to be a singer since he was a child; he used to attend any singing-related function and was always ready to perform! He was a member of the singing groups "Pushpo Kanon Shilpi Gosthi" and "Hillol Shilpi Gosthi." He joined "Pushpo Kanon" in 2010 and was trained by other vocalists! In 2012, he left "Pushpo Kanon" and joined "Hillol Shilpi Gosthi," with whom he remained until relocating to the United States! After moving to the United States, he began singing various genres of songs and also performed on a few occasions in 2017-18.

Mr. Xherlie was always looking for new ways to make people laugh, and one day he came up with the idea of making funny videos. He began posting videos to YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram! He went viral in 2018 for some of his short videos! His videos have received over 2 million views on tiktok and other video platforms. It took him a few years to catch people's attention, but he is now well known as the Entertainer.


Zaalima Lofi (feat. Nikhil Singh) · Single

Rula ke gaya ishq lofi (feat. Nikhil Singh) · Single

Pee Loon (Reverb) · Single

Maya (Reverb) · Single

Shona Bondhu (Reverb) · Single

Prithibir Joto Sukh (Reverb) · Single

Din Gelo (Reverb) · Single

Nature (Instrumental) · Single

Just Chill (Instrumental) · Single

Acoustic Vibe (Instrumental) · Single

Tum Hi Ho · Single

Destroyed Dream (Instrumental) · Single

Published works

Pee Loon Reverb

Rula Ke Gaya Ishq - LoFi Remix

Zaalima - LoFi Remix

Tum Hi Hoo Cover

Prithibir joto shukh Reverb





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