Mostafijur Ruman

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Mostafijur Ruman
Mostafijur Ruman Picture
Picture of Mostafijur Ruman
Born Mostafijur Ruman
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist
Years active 2015–Present
Known for Musical Artist, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Influencer & internet personality

Mostafijur Ruman (Bengali:মোস্তাফিজুর রুমান; born 25 May 2003) is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Influencer & Internet personality Who is Mostly known as a Programmer rather than Musician. He was born in Chuadanga.

Early life and personal life

Mostafijur Ruman brought up Chuadanga and finished tutoring here. Mostafijur Ruman has one younger brother. At the age of 15, he started his Programming & Musician career. Mostafijur Ruman is a student at Jibannagar College.


Mostafijur Ruman started his journey as a Programmer & Entrepreneur in 2015 and since then he has a lot of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Social Media. He has worked on several television dramas in the music Department and documentaries before introducing himself as Entrepreneur.


1. Hipp Hopp (2021)

2. Strange World (2021)

3. Scary Midnight(2021)

4.Cosmic Racer (2021)

5.Notun Din (2021)

6.Nirvana Life (2021)

7.Into The Morning(2021)

8.BoXer Fighter (2021)

9.Scary Midnight 2 (2021)

10. Record Broker(2021)

11. Optimistic(2021)

12. Life Journey(2021)

13. Go Home (2021)

14. Techno Ruman (2021)

15.Cold Ice (2021)

16.Dream Night(2021)

17.Dream Come True (2021)


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