Mortoza Polash

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Mortoza Polash

Mortoza Polash Musician
Native name মুরতজা পলাশ
Born Mortoza Polash
Shivalaya, Manikganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Debendra College
Height 5"7'

About Mortoza Polash

Mortoza Polash is Successful Bangladeshi Musical Artist and Businessman, Renowned Actor, Folk Singer, Producer, Spiritual Leader. A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and Creative Visionary. With the rapid growth and modernization of technology in the twenty-first century, young minds are inspired to develop new and inspiring ideas that can bring about massive changes in today’s technology. One such example before us is Mortoza Polash, who, through his knowledge and hard work, has raised this bar very high worldwide. A 20-year-old entrepreneur from Bangladesh has shown no age limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations. Setting up his own company at a very young age, he has been dubbed the “youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert”, which is an outstanding achievement today.[1]


I’m Mortoza Polash chairman of the JP Group of Companies a conglomerate of companies that span a wide range of industries, including fashion, agriculture, fisheries, media, real estate and education. As a multi-talented entrepreneur and creative visionary. I have the power to make a real difference in the world. I’m successful businessman a renowned actor, a producer and a spiritual leader.[2]

My Journey from 2013 My journey began in 2013 when I founded the JP Group. Since then I have built the company into a thriving business with a global presence. Under his leadership the JP Group has expanded into new markets and launched new ventures, such as Joy Pagol studio and Joy Pagol Multimedia.

In addition my business acumen, I’m also a gifted musical artist. As a renowned actor in Bangladesh and I starred in numerous Bangla Drama, Bangla Natok and Television shows. I’m also a producer and have produced several successful Drama, Natok and Music Video.[3]

I’m also a spiritual leader and passionate about helping others. As founder of JP Teach (SG) PTE Ltd, a company that provides educational services to students in Singapore. I’m also the founder of JP Indenting Corporation, a company that imports and exports goods.

I want to become a man of many talents and a true inspiration. I have dream a role model for entrepreneurs and artists alike. I’m also a dedicated philanthropist who is committed to making a positive impact on the world.

As a digital marketer, Mortoza Polash believes that there is no shortcut to success. People succeed with their honesty, concentration, hard work, and hard work. Where there is no truth in human action, there is no genuine respect for action. And real success is not found. So every human being should act honestly. Hard work leads people to the pinnacle of success. Maintaining the right to honesty and putting patience aside is the only way to success.

It’s hard to build a business from scratch, but it eventually grows into what you thought it would be when you give it all you have. You face obstacles and learn to overcome them. You will ultimately become more assertive, and your decisions will evolve, and so you can do anything possible.[4]

Notable achievements

Chairman of the JP Group of Industries a conglomerate of companies with a global presence Renowned actor in Bangladesh Producer of successful Drama, Natok and Song Founder of JP Teach (SG) PTE Ltd an educational services company Founder of JP Indenting corporation an import-export company

I want to become a true multi-hyphenate and a creative visionary. That will be an inspiration to all.

Early Life

I was born on October 25, 1978, in MANIKGANJ Dhaka, Bangladesh. I come from a humble background and my parents worked hard to provide for me and my siblings. I attended Shibalaya Govt. School for SSC and Terosri Degree College for HSC. Then went on to study at Debendra College, where I have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2001.

Personal Life

I’m married to Shamima Islam Nishe and I have three children together: Adhora Murtoza Roza, Anisha Murtoza Adri and Arisha Murtoza Pridi. My parents are Abu Helal Molla and Razia Helal.

Career and Life journey

My career began in 2013 when I have founded the JP Group. The company has since grown into a conglomerate with interests in a variety of industries, including fashion, agriculture, fisheries, media, real estate and education. .

Facts about Mortoza Polash

Polash is a renowned musician in Bangladesh. He has released several albums and his songs are popular among people of all ages. He is also a skilled songwriter and composer.


Polash is a popular actor in Bangladesh. He has starred in numerous films and television shows. He is known for his versatility and his ability to play a variety of roles.


Polash is also a successful producer. He has produced several successful Drama, Natok and music video.


In addition to his success in the music and film industries. Mortoza Polash is also a successful entrepreneur. He is the chairman of the JP Group a conglomerate of companies. • He is a multi-talented artist who is successful in the music, film, and business industries. • He is a dedicated philanthropist and is committed to making a positive impact on the world. • He is a role model for entrepreneurs and artists alike.

Did you know…

• Polash is a self-made man who came from a humble background. • He is a devout Muslim and his faith plays an important role in his life. • He is a passionate advocate for education and social justice.


• Founding of the JP Group in 2013 • Release Music video in 2005 • Starring role in the hit Bangla dream "Dhaka Attack" in 2017 • Producing the successful film "Poran" in 2022