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Mohamed Mohsen Abd ElAtty
Native name Mohamed Mohsen (محمد محسن)
Born 10 May 1989 (1989-05-10) (age 34)
Cairo, Egypt
Residence Egypt
Nationality Egypt
Education ' Bachelor of Science in Commerce-Business Administration
  • Producer
Years active 2020- present
Known for Producer, Director.
Home town Cairo, Egypt
Height 170 Cm"

Mohamed Mohsen (lang-ar|محمد محسن); born 10 May 1989) is the chairman and managing director of Exclusive Movies and an Egyptian producer. He had graduated from The Higher Institute of Cinema in 2002, and chosen to work in documentary films since his graduation as a producer, and he also worked in Directing Commercials, and directed film, and the first movie he directed was "The Party". ,[1][2][3] He began his directing career primarily with short movies and commercials, after which he shifted to full-length movies. He is the Executive Manager and Chairman of Exclusive Movies Company.[4][5]

His Life

Graduated from Higher Institute of Cinema , and worked as an executive producer in a number of television productions and theatrical performances. His debut as a director was in the twenty-first century, and he directed the movie “The Party”,[6][7] which was shown in 2013 and starring Ahmed Ezz, then his work in cinema and television continued, and he presented in his series “Wish Thani”, which was shown in 2015, then he turned to film production, and in 2020 he founded the “Exclusive Movies” company, which It produced a number of successful films such as “Under the threat of the weapon” and “Toxic”, and the first film produced by the company was the movie “They went out and did not return», whose story was written by Wael youssef and starring Hosny Sheta , Wezo and was shown in 2022.[8][9][10][11]

Film career

Mohamed Mohsen released his first feature movie, Keep Meet Me , in 2009. The Series was enthusiastically received among critics, and was the movie for which Mohamed Mohsen was awarded the title of "Best New Director in 2009."[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]



Year of presentation Business name type of employment Notes
2022 Some do not go to the Ma’zoun twice film Producer
2019 Men's Secret Club film Producer
2015 Wash Tani Serial Director
2013 The Party film Director
2022 Nabil Gamil, plastic surgeon film Producer
2022 They went out and did not return film Producer
2022 Toxic film Producer
2022 So that the shop does not fly play Producer
2022 Beautiful Dream play Producer


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