Mobin Ojaghloo

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Mobin Ojaghloo
Background information
Born August 15, 2005 (2005-08-15) (age 18)
Zanjan, Iran
Occupations Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger
Instruments Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Musical keyboard

Mobin Ojaghloo (Persian: مبین اوجاقلو‎; Born on 15 August 2005) is an Iranian singer, musician, songwriter, composer, and arranger.


Mobin was born on August 15, 2005, in Zanjan. He started playing guitar and keyboard at the age of 13, and also began singing, composing and arranging at the age of 15. Out of interest, he chose the field of music.

His first song with his own composing and singing called "2 Ashegh" was released in October 2021, "2 Ashegh" is his first single about parents. Two lovers who always give man the courage to pursue his dreams.

He has been interested in music since childhood. At the age of 13, he decided to take a guitar class and try to learn music.

After the release of his first song and its reception, his motivation to release his second song titled "Ashigh Oldum", which is a romantic song in Azerbaijani, increased. which was also welcomed by Iranian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani fans after its release.[1]

All his songs have been welcomed in several countries and all of them are popular.[2]

Among his special skills and characteristics, we can mention mathematics, music, computers and foreign languages, and the sport of football.[3]


Singles Title Persian Native meaning Note
2020 2 Ashegh دو عاشق Two Lovers
2021 Ashigh Oldum عاشیق اولدوم عاشق شدم (I fell in love) This is a Turkish (Azerbaijani) Song
Bavaresh Sakhteh باورش سخته Hard to believe
2022 Mohreye Mar مهره مار Serpentine


No. Title Persian Native Length
1. 2 Ashegh دو عاشق 04:19
2. Ashigh Oldum عاشیق اولدوم 03:55
3. Bavaresh Sakhteh باورش سخته 03:25
4. Mohreye Mar مهره مار 03:35


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