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Advocate Mita Banerjee Ponishare-verified.png
Born December 21, 1982
West Bengal
Nationality Indian
  • Bachelor's in Political Science
  • LLB (2009)
Occupation Lawyer, Activist
Notable works
  • Advocacy for justice, equality, and human & animal rights
  • Representation in over 100 legal cases
  • Naxalite area legal services awareness
Spouse Barun Kumar Ray (Advocate)
Parents Late Ashoke Banerjee (Father)
  • Nominated for Padmashree 2024
  • Pillars of the Nation Award-2023
  • The Women in Law 2023
  • Global Peace Award by United Nations
  • Prithvi Ratna Award-2023
  • Mother Teresa Pride Award-2023
  • And more (See detailed list below)
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Advocate Mita Banerjee is a prominent Indian Lawyer and Activist known for her unwavering dedication to the principles of justice, equality, and human and animal rights. Born on December 21, 1982, she has become a celebrated trailblazer in the legal arena, breaking barriers and leaving an indelible mark on the field.

Early Life and Education

Advocate Mita completed her education with a Bachelor's in Political Science and pursued an LLB in 2009. Her journey in the legal realm began in 2009 and continued until 2016, during which she handled an impressive array of 100 cases, ranging from issues such as rape, child abuse, forgery, divorce, to corporate crimes. Her commitment to providing legal aid, especially to the underprivileged in Naxalite areas in Buster, showcases her belief in the protection of human rights and the power of law to rectify injustices.

Legal Career and Achievements

Advocate Mita has passionately represented her clients before the Honorable High Court of Calcutta, various tribunals, district and session courts, and criminal courts. Her relentless pursuit of justice has earned her recognition in prestigious publications such as Success Story Lifestyle Magazine's 'Influential Women Power 2022' edition and Hindustan Times' list of 'Top 30 Women Leaders.'

Advocacy for Social Causes

Beyond her legal career, Advocate Mita is known for her commitment to social causes. She actively fights against animal cruelty, considering it not just a profession but a heartfelt commitment. Her belief that all beings, human and animal alike, have the same right to live on this planet drives her advocacy.

Leadership and Recognition

Advocate Mita's leadership style and resolute personality shine through her remarkable journey of achievements and accolades. Notable awards include being nominated for the Padmashree in 2024, receiving the Pillars of the Nation Award-2023, and being recognized as 'The Women in Law 2023.' She has been acknowledged internationally, representing India in the United Nations General Assembly and participating in the G-20 Summit in New Delhi.

Personal Life and Values

Advocate Mita draws strength from her husband, Barun Kumar Ray, also an advocate, and her late father, Ashoke Banerjee, her guiding light. Her family's rich history and diverse backgrounds, including industrialists and spiritual leaders, underscore her values of entrepreneurship, academia, and humanitarianism.

Legacy and Impact

Advocate Mita Banerjee is undeniably a symbol of unwavering courage and a testament to the boundless potential of women in the field of law and beyond. Her life story echoes the sentiment that the path to success is filled with vibrant shades of grey, wherein the pursuit of truth takes precedence.

Advocate Mita's commitment to justice, equality, and human and animal rights continues to inspire individuals globally, making her a significant figure in the legal and socio-cultural landscape of India.

Awards and Recognations

  • Excellence Award, 2018, by Hello Kolkata in collaboration with Kolkata Book Fare, 9th Feb 2018, Book fare Kolkata.
  • Hello Kolkata – Women Empowerment Award-2018, 9 March, 2019, Birla Planetarium, for Eminent Advocate.
  • Hello Kolkata- Achievers Award, 30 Nov, 2019, at Calcutta Press Club, for Eminent Advocate & Socio-Cultural Motivator.
  • Indo-Bangladesh Harmonica, Excellence in Trans-National Socio-Cultural Welfare, for Eminent Advocate and Socio-Cultural Welfare, Hello Kolkata.
  • Champion Corona Gladiator & Role Model of our Society, by Hallo Kolkata, 21.5.2022
  • India’s Iron Lady Awards- Season-1, India’s Iron Lady of the Year-2022, Inspiring Lady, By MTTV, INDIA.