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Missy Balsam

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Native name Missy Balsam
Born 20th January 1973
Adover, New Jersey, USA
Residence 'Naples, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Education Master of Arts- History at '''Florida International University, Miami, Florida'''
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Author (guitar)
Years active 1960
Known for Singer, songwritter, Yoga.
Height 5'5"
Religion Catholic
Parents Mary & Carl Thissen

Early Life

Missy Balsam is a singer-songwriter, recording artist and yoga teacher, born on January 20, 1973, in Philadelphia, PA. She grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Bryn Mawr, PA and graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her junior year was spent studying abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Missy spent the earlier part of her life building a career in sales and marketing in both New York City and Los Angeles. Living in Naples, FL since 2005, she has been a teacher and guide to thousands of students in yoga and spirituality, while simultaneously pursuing her love of music - writing, recording and performing her own original songs.

Yoga Career

Missy Balsam began teaching yoga in 2007, when she discovered how much practicing yoga helped her to feel more peace within herself. She teaches group classes and private sessions in yoga, meditation, and spiritual coaching in Naples and beyond, having spent years traveling and teaching at yoga festivals around the country, as well as leading several successful yoga retreats to Costa Rica, Alaska and India. She has been the resident yoga instructor at Pelican Bay for 15 years, teaching Yoga Flow and Yoga Stretch classes throughout the week.

In 2017, her teaching career broadened when was asked to attend a training with Rabbi Adam Miller of Temple Shalom in Naples, FL at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Since 2018, she has been co-facilitating Wise Aging classes with Rabbi Miller both in person at the Temple and virtually on Zoom. The Wise Aging program has been such a success that her role as spiritual teacher at Temple Shalom has expanded into teaching classes in Jewish Spirituality (mindfulness practice applied to soul traits) and Jewish Yoga (weaving spiritual lessons from Torah into yoga classes).

Music Career

Missy Balsam’s music career began in 2011, when she began learning about the path of Bhakti Yoga and kirtan. She fell in love with chanting and singing, and expressing the love in her heart through her voice. She taught herself how to play the harmonium, the traditional instrument for kirtan, having had no prior experience playing any musical instruments. She discovered a burning desire to express herself through her own songs and lyrics, and she put out her first CD of original chants and songs called "Kirtan" in 2014, followed by her debut studio album "Revealed" in 2016. Her discovery that she could write music and lyrics flowed out of her as an outlet to share her love, devotion and authentic self. "Revealed" is, as its name suggests, very personal and intimate, offering you an intimate glimpse into her soul's journey. Called a "spiritual rocker" by Yoga Chicago magazine, "Revealed" is a unique and eclectic sound, composed of traditional Sanskrit mantras fused with Missy’s own inspirational and heartfelt lyrics. From 2011 through 2018, Missy led kirtans at least monthly in Naples, FL, while also touring nationally, performing her songs at yoga and music festivals all across the country. In the last few years, she branched out musically and began performing with psychedelic rock band B432 as lead singer, recording another studio album called "The Love Frequency Band" in 2019. At the same time, she started an '80s new wave cover band called "The Love Cats," which allowed her to express a whole other side of herself musically. In 2022, she started collaborating with international singer-songwriter Tim McGeary, releasing two new singles, “Burn” and “Now,” available on all streaming platforms.


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