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Mirajobs is an AI-backed online hiring marketplace focused on the global tech job markets.[1] Unlike traditional hiring platforms, it comes with the advantage of complete anonymity, allowing job seekers to passively look for new opportunities without a risk to their current employment.[2][3]


Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Mirajobs was founded in 2018 by an ex-Amazon software engineer and an ex-Microsoft hiring manager.[4] The company aims to change how people change jobs, believing that employees should be able to switch jobs freely and safely to grow. At the same time, recruiters should be able to offer better opportunities to passive candidates who are currently off-market.[5]

Mirajobs helps find the perfect jobs for people while shrouding their identity, eliminating the risk to the current job, allowing them to stay open for better opportunities because it is the recruiter who initiates contact with jobseekers on Mirajobs.[6] The platform hosts recruiters from prestigious companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Yahoo and job seekers from 152 countries.[7]

The process

Mirajobs has made the process of seeking employment easier and more efficient. Job seekers post their anonymous resumes (profiles) without contact details or personal identifiable information. The recruiters contact job seekers whose profiles match their role requirements. Then, the jobseekers ask clarification questions to the recruiter about the proposed role and reveal their identity once they are confident that the role is interesting.[8]

Advantages for job seekers

• Mirajobs allows employees to keep their current jobs safe and secure because their manager and HR don't know that they are looking for new roles.

• Mirajobs also saves time compared to the traditional approach that involves reviewing job posts, tailoring CVs, and filling out application forms.

• Job seekers can publish multiple profiles on Mirajobs, each tailored to a particular role.

• Since it is the employer who proposes a job to the jobseeker, the candidate has a stronger position in salary negotiations.[9]

Advantages for recruiters

Unlike traditional job boards, recruiters can source passive job seekers who are currently off-market or have been recently laid off. Recruiters use Mirajobs listings on a self-service basis to contact matching job seekers and propose jobs to them. They search the job seekers' profiles and contact those whose skills match their needs. The job seeker either accepts or rejects the invitation, asking a few clarification questions to the recruiter before making a decision. When the job seeker accepts an invitation, they have to reveal their name and contact details to further the process by a hiring manager.[10]
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