Mind Games (role-playing game)

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Mind Games  
Cover of Mind Games
Author(s) Scott F. Heine
Illustrator Scott Hine
Cover artist Spyder
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Iron Crown Enterprises
Publication date 1989
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 48
ISBN 1-55806-041-3

Mind Games is Champions role-playing game suppliment. It was written by Scott F. Heine and illustrated by Spyder and Scott Heine. It was published in 1989.[1]


Somewhere out there, hidden in the shadows of society, they are waiting. From the still of the night they strike, stripping away your memories, bringing your worst nightmares to life, slowly melting your brain. They are members of the Parapsychological Studies Institute (PSI), and they are coming to destroy you.

Featured in the pages of Mind Games are the treacherous members of PSI- mutants with a talent for manipulating your thoughts. Includes are detailed descriptions of more than twenty villains, including members of the Institute, students, agents, and support staff. Mind Games also contains notes and ideas for using PSI with your heroes, or even as part of an all-mentalist campaign. Topping it off are several adventures designed to lure your heroes into the wicked workings of PSI. Simple pulsar blasts and super strength won't help you now, hero. This is a battle of the mind. Think about it!

Playable with Champions and all other Hero System Games.


  • The front cover features an illustration of Solitaire and Mirage. The back cover features Omen.
  • Characters included in this book include Councelor Darke, Doctor Deville, Deuce, Force, Impulse, Lucy Pinchard, Mind Slayer, Mirage, Omega, Omen, Revelation and Soulfire.


  1. Heine, Scott (1989). Mind Games. Iron Crown Enterprises. ISBN 1-55806-041-3. 

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