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Mike Crain trying to look cool and failing at it.
Born Michael Allen Crain
1986 (age 37–38)
South Illinois
Died Probably Later
Probably Somewhere
Nationality USA
Other names Dr. Neil A. Remir
Occupation Probably Something
Years active Eternity
Known for A Mega Man fangame and one of its 183 soundtracks, possibly music
Notable works Mega Man Revolution, Mega Man Revolution Remix

Mike Crain is some guy from Illinois who faked it til he made it by putting links to his Mega Man fangame on a few wikis where it didn't belong, but due to the vague nature of a fangame being notable or not, the attention that brought to the game made it notable where it did belong before anyone realized it should be deleted. Dr. Remir is his self-insert.

Creative Works

He primarily focuses on music, but also can program, create sound effects, make 3D models, write plots, design aspects of games, create levels and maps, etc. He started with MID files when he was around 12 years old, then later moved to OpenMPT, then Reason, before finally settling on Cubase. Though, he also uses programs like Famitracker.

Personal life

He lived in Illinois from birth to 19 and then ran off to Montana, then years later somehow married an Australian woman (way out of his league) and moved to Australia for a year despite not making the kind of money to afford that. Legend has it that due to having multiple severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia, depression, and some kind of intelligence, he was able to make aspects of reality temporarily not exist, so he could do that. He now lives back in Illinois and his wife is deceased.

His surname is what he legally had from birth, but it originated from an alias his great-grandfather illegally used without doing the paperwork but also never got caught. So it essentially isn't even a real name, but still legal to use.


  • One time YouTube itself and Gabriel Morton replied to him in comment sections.
  • Actually got the best ending of Cave Story by beating Ballos. Despite that level is total BS.
  • Completed high school diploma TAS Any% first attempt via GED.
  • Caused an Indian scam call center to change their number in less than 24 hours because they got tired of him harassing them.
  • They immediately called him again from the new number.
  • Caused the crash 2002.
  • Was fired and put on a government secret agent salary because he tricked his bosses at a job of 4 years into looking at Meatspin.

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