Michal Shinitzky

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Michal Shinitzky
Born 31 July 1975 (1975-07-31) (age 48)
Rehovot, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Alma mater Tel-Aviv University
Occupation Linguist, & Entrepreneur
Known for Founder & Managing Director, Pangea Localization services

Michal Shinitzky (Born July 31st, 1975), is an Israeli linguist, business woman and entrepreneur. She founded and ran several Translation and Localization firms, and currently heads Pangea Translation Services, a global leader in this field.[1]

Life and career

Shinitzky was born in Rehovot, Israel, to Pinhas, an airline engineer and Shalhevet, an English teacher. Coming from a family of Jewish-Polish descent, Shinitzky had relatives across the globe, and early life travelling ignited her fascination for cultures and languages. Enlisting to the IDF at the age of 18, she became a programmer in one of the IDF’s elite units, and later on continued to a BA in East Asian languages and an MA in Cultural Studies, both from Tel-Aviv University.[2]

After university graduation, Shinitzky joined 888.com (Then Random-Logic) to expand a fledgling Localization department in Israel, before joining Pokerstars.com in London, to do a similar role for one the world’s largest gaming operators. Close to a decade later, she felt her experience will be better served by servicing entire industries and founded Pangea Localization services, choosing Limassol, Cyprus as its location.[1]

Personal life

Michal got married in June 2001 and has three kids.


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