Michael Dattoli

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Michael Dattoli
Born Born 1963
Poughkeepsie, New York
Nationality American
Alma mater Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Occupation MD, Radiation Oncologist

Michael Dattoli, MD (born 1963) is an American is a Radiation Oncology Specialist in Sarasota, FL. known for founding the Dattoli Cancer Center and Brachytherapy Research Institute.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Michael Dattoli is an expert in radiation therapy, he has become one of America's leading physicians who successfully treat cancer with non-surgical approaches. Dattoli practices brachytherapy, the use of a sealed radiation source in a localized area.

He first began to love pure sciences during his childhood in Poughkeepsie, New York. While studying marine biology at the University of California, Berkeley, he wanted to find a way to apply his interest in science to benefit humanity. He returned to Poughkeepsie, excelled at studying biochemistry at Vassar College, and obtained his medical doctorate from Mount Sinai School of Medicine (now the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) in 1984.

During his medical training, Dattoli had a strong interest in finding non-surgical alternatives for cancer treatment. Aware of successes with some types of cancer, he focused his efforts on advancing treatment options for prostate cancer through brachytherapy. Dr. Richard Sorace recruited Dattoli from the Memorial Sloan Cancer Center more than 30 years ago, encouraging the young doctor to move to Tampa and co-found a brachytherapy practice.

Dr. Dattoli and Sorace built a strong partnership that offered non-surgical options to treat prostate cancer. They later moved their practice to Sarasota and established the Dattoli Cancer Center. Dattoli maintains medical licenses in Florida, California, and New York, as well as board certification in Radiation Oncology through the American College of Radiology.

Professional career

Dr. Dattoli has published extensively in the fields of brachytherapy, oncology, radiotherapy, and urology. An author of numerous textbooks and booklets on prostate brachytherapy, he has co-written or contributed to more than 50 scholarly journal articles and peer-reviewed publications. Due to his internationally known expertise, Dattoli has contributed to more than 75 publications on cancer alone and served on editorial review boards for medical journals. He also shares his research with colleagues at lectures, conferences, and symposia at the state, national, and international levels including UCLA Newsroom (UC Berkeley , California), YahooFinance (Sunnyvale, CA.), TechBullion (Financial Technology News Website). Dr. Dattoli has served as a principal investigator for numerous cancer and radiation therapy studies.

Personal pursuits

When not assisting patients or performing research, Dattoli also enjoys traveling to exotic places. He prefers locations off the beaten path. He has taken many trips to Southeast Asia, surfed along famous beaches, and enjoys skiing as well.

Education, Postdoctoral Training, and Faculty Appointments

After completing his academic studies and postdoctoral residencies, Michael Dattoli began a productive career of sharing his research and knowledge with colleagues, medical students, and the general public:

⦁ Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dattoli earned his Medical Doctorate in 1984.

⦁ Vassar College. Dattoli completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Biochemistry in 1980.

⦁ University of California, Berkeley. Dattoli pursued studies in Marine Biology from 1975-1976.

⦁ Special Fellow in Brachytherapy. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center/Cornell University Medical Center, New York, NY. (1989-1990)

⦁ Radiation Oncology. New York University Medical Center/Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, NY. (1986-1989)

⦁ Internal Medicine. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. (1985-1986)

⦁ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center. Assistant/Associate Professor. (1990-1991)

⦁ The University of Cincinnati. Endo-Surgery Institute. Faculty Member. (1990-present)

⦁ CRT. Adjunct Faculty Member. (2018-present)


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