Michael Capiraso

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Michael Capiraso
Nationality American
Education Fairleigh Dickinson University
New York University
Occupation creative consultant, sports executive

Michael Capiraso serves as advisor, board member, and shareholder of JoggingBuddy, an innovative, virtual “buddy system” that connects runners around the world.[1]

Before joining JoggingBuddy, Michael was President and CEO for the organization that organizes the NYC Marathon, New York Road Runners, from 2015-2020. He is a visionary leader who brings a spirit of collaboration and values creating diverse teams. His ability to lead has propelled every organization he’s worked with to new heights, from Calvin Klein, to the NFL, to his previous position leading NYRR.[2]

With Calvin Klein, Michael developed and launched bold and recognizable ad campaigns, contributing to some of the 90s biggest ads. From there, Michael joined the MLB and helped shape their production marketing strategy before leaving for the NFL.[3]

As the NFL’s Vice President of Marketing and Executive Creative Director, Michael guided the League’s complete rebranding in the 2000s and oversaw its 360-degree marketing and branding strategy. He also led the marketing and branding efforts for the Super Bowl, as well as the launch of the NFL Network. Next up for Mr. Caripaso was a stint as the CEO-America for WPP’s Prism. With Prism, Michael worked with enterprise-level clients, consulting them on how they could increase revenue and reduce expenses on their sponsorship properties. Some of the clients at Prism included Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Rolex, and the PGA. From there, Michael went to Cole Haan, a subsidiary of Nike. During his time there, he helped the growth towards the effort of the brand to double its revenue using his unique leadership style and knack for marketing.[4]

In 2012, Michael Capiraso came on board the NYRR, and helped lead the transformation of the organization into an evolved professional, highly impactful and successful mission driven non-profit. Under his leadership, revenue doubled to more than $100 million and the organization’s endowment increased to $70 million. Participation in NYRR events and programming crossed 700,000, and the NYC Marathon solidified its place as the largest marathon on earth, with more than 53,000 finishers and its broadcast reaching 700 million households worldwide.[5][6]

The NYC Marathon raises more than $40 million each year for charity, and NYRR is responsible for more than $400 million in economic impact for the city annually. Michael was instrumental in launching NYRR’s virtual racing platform, now a large and profitable part of NYRR’s offerings. He also launched the NYRR Run Center in New York and spearheaded major partnerships with New Balance and TCS, worth more than $100 million.[7]

Michael also developed a partnership with the Trust for Public Land in NYC to build playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods. This is all true to his mission-oriented personality; long before he joined NYRR, Michael was competing in the NYC Marathon. To date, he has competed 28 consecutive times and raised more than $100,000 for the NYRR Team for Kids charity.[8][9]

While President and CEO, Michael built a high-performing, collaborative, and diverse team that brought the organization to new heights. Key to his success was building and training this team, delivering a new level of professionalism, productivity, and tenacity to the organization. He developed a comprehensive strategy and planning division that helped reduce expenses and redundancies. This division helped maximize NYRR’s potential as an organization that truly serves and supports the running community. Today, NYRR is the country’s premier participatory sports running organization, with a reach that extends across the globe.[10][11][12]


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