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Aviroop Ghosh

Student and Youtuber
Born 10 December 2005
Occupation Student, Youtuber, Musician
Parents Father' Name: Biswajit Ghosh & Mother's Name: Falguni ghosh


Metricool 20 ( Born ,10 December , 2005 ) formerly known as Aviroop Ghosh. He is a Youtuber from India . Metricool 20 is also a Indian beat composer, script writer . Metricool 20 makes vine in his youtube channel. Aviroop Ghosh lives in West Bengal, India. His father's name is Biswajit Ghosh and his mother's name is Falguni Ghosh. He is also verified on Spotify. He is currently pursuing his studies at Kendriya Vidyalaya Ordnance Factory Dumdum. He aims for quality over quantity . He also a karate player . Presently he focusing on his studies and also producing video in his youtube channel . Aviroop Ghosh [ Metricool 20 ] also write quotes as a personal hobby . Presently he giving more attention to make videos rather than producing music . In fact Aviroop is student , youtuber and a beat composer too.


Metricool 20 ( Aviroop ghosh ) pursuing his studies in Kendriya Vidyalaya Ordnance factory Dumdum . [[1]]


Aviroop primarily uploads Vines in his youtube channel which is scripted .[2]. Also he uploads beat like music in various music streaming platforms[3] . His target to create enjoyment and comedy so the viewers may laugh .

QUOTES by Aviroop

       1)"Sometimes reaching our destination is not the real purpose but sometimes enjoying the adventurous journey is more fun"
        2)"Politics exists everywhere, even in our homes"
        3) "Today's society do not judge by your behavior , good deeds ,Society judge by your degree and marks"
        4)"People tend to change, everything will be converted into an entirely new thing, hence you should trust those who always stay the same for you in every tough situation."
        5) " Everyone has own cryptic so make friends wisely   "
       6) " Miracles do not happened everyday but happens on a specific day "