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Meridian Tube is an internet platform intended for everyone who wants to be informed about current sports topics through video material. [1]


Meridian tube was created in 2021 as part of the Meridian sport portal, and contains information from the world of football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, martial arts and water sports, which are presented through a series of interesting facts, interviews and quizzes. [2]


The site is divided into the following categories: Interesting facts, My corner, MMA sport, Stories from the block, Games, Football quiz, Basketball quiz, Football corner, Podcast Sport focus and promotions.

The Interesting Facts category contains video material that introduces you to sports such as MMA, tennis, handball, but also brings a list of sports world records, as well as the best poker players.

My Corner is a video show hosted by Serbian TV host Milan Boskovic. This show features some of the most famous people from the world of sports and talks about current sports topics.

Through the category of MMA sports, Meridian Tube brings an introduction to one of the most popular sports in the world, but also an insight into what a day looks like or preparation for a match of some MMA fighters.

Stories from the block is one of the categories with the largest number of views on this platform, and it brings biographies of Serbian and Yugoslav athletes. Dusan Savic, Stjepan Bobek, Dejan savicevic, Slobodan Santrac, Darko Pancev ... are just some of the names whose stories are in this category.

The games bring predictors of some of the most popular football and basketball matches in this area, and all sports fans are led through the virtual world by YouTuber Marko Bezbradica.

The football and basketball quiz on the Meridian tube platform is used to test knowledge from the world of sports.

Podcast Sport Focus brings the latest sports information, as well as conversations with Nenad Perunicic, Filip Covic, Stefan Stojacic and many other famous names of Serbian sports.

The Promotion section contains information about the latest rules and promotions in the games of chance.

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