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Meridian Tipster is a game in which all active users who are registered on the website of the bookmaker Meridian - can participate. [1][2][3]

Rules of the game

The game is played in such a way that each player has 500 points per game, and betting is exclusively in single form, which means playing in a way that one game played can contain only one event. The maximum for the game is set at five singles within 24 hours.

The table is calculated in bonus points, and only the winning odds are calculated (maximum odds are 4.00)

E.g. 100 points in case of hitting 1.50 odds plus 50 points. Maximum 400 points.

The billing period is Monday 00.00h to Sunday 23.59h.

In case of non-results, the odds are 1. The game contains formed prizes, in such a way that the first place winner wins 50 KM (convertible marks), the second place winner 25 KM, the third place winner 10 KM. [4][5]


The games on offer for betting are:

• 1 (home win)

• X (draw)

• 2 (away win)

• 1X (home win or draw)

• X2 (away win or draw)

• 0 - 2 (total goals 0-2)

• 3+ (total goals 3 or more)

• GG (both teams score at least one goal)

• NG (one team scores, or both teams will not score)

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