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Meridian Pay is a product of a licensed gaming organizer by the Games of Chance Administration, Meridianbet betting shop, and is a quick, easy and simple way to pay the deposit, ie. the desired amount of money to the online account created on the site,

Meridian Pay is a product of a licensed organizer of games of chance by the Board of Games of Chance, Meridianbet betting, and is a quick, easy and simple way to pay a deposit, ie the desired amount of money to an online account created on the site, in a number of payment points. [1] The money paid in this way can be used by the player for online sports betting, number games, horse and dog races, slot games and other online games from the Meridian betting offer. [2]


The idea of ​​a new method of payment - Meridian Pay, originated in the company Meridianbet d.o.o. in Montenegro in December 2019, on whose territory for the first time the application was implemented, created by the internal development team, through which money is deposited at payment points. [3] After the Meridian Pay project was a success in Montenegro, it was extended to the territory of the Republic of Serbia in March 2020, where it is fully owned by Meridian Tech doo, registered in the Republic of Serbia under registration number 08724636. Currently, deposit payment via Meridian Pay is possible on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro. [4]

How is Meridian Pay used?

The condition for the payment of the deposit via Meridian Pay is the creation of an account on the official website of the Meridian bookmaker, After that, the registered player, on the official website of Meridian Pay - can find the location closest to himself where he can deposit money to his cash account. [5] When making a payment, it is necessary for the player to say the ID of his account and the desired amount, which will then, within a few seconds, be found in his cash account. [6] The deposit paid via Meridian Pay can be used for the entire online range of games offered by Meridian betting - sports betting, slot games, number games and horse and dog races. [7]


Payments via Meridian Pay are available to players at over 30 locations throughout Serbia in the following cities: Arandjelovac, Bor, Krusevac, Lapovo, Leskovac, Markovac, Negotin, Nis, Pancevo, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Sremska Mitrovica, Trstenik, Velika Plana and Vrnjacka Banja. The exact list of locations with the addresses of payment points can be found here. [8][9]


In August 2020, Meridian Tech entered into cooperation with the Transaks Group, a payment institution founded in 2015 and one of the pioneers in providing bill payment services in the Republic of Serbia. [10] Through this partnership, Meridian Tech has enabled its players to deposit money in an additional 160 Meridian Pay payment points spread across over 80 cities throughout Serbia. [11][12]

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