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Mehedy Hasan Ponishare-verified.png

Picture of Mehedy Hasan
Born 03 January 1999
Chottogram, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Music Composer & Entrepreneur
Years active 2018
Known for Entrepreneur, Singer, Musical Artist, Musician. Music Composer

Mehedy Hasan (03 January 1999) is an extraordinary musician and producer. He has been getting a lot of publicity on social media. Mehedy Hasan is a multi-talented young musician known as Digital Content Creator, Musical Artist and Blogger, and Influencer. In a very short amount of time, he has become in top of trending musical artist. Mehedy is now in the top row of trending musical artists in South Asia.

Mehedy Hasan has started blogging at the young age of 14, he learned various blog-related strategies, tactics and became a successful blogger and Digital Marketing Expert. Mehedy Hasan gained knowledge about music. And Mehedy published his songs on various music platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify Apple Music, Amazon Music, Jio Saavn. YouTube, Spotify, Jio Saavan gives Mehedy a verify artist badge.


Mehedy tells us, “Almost all countries in the world today are affected by the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is not possible for me to work outside the home. So I write songs at home as well as work for my digital marketing company. And my songs are on almost all music platforms.” Mehedy Hasan Believes Everyone Can Thrive Using Social Media Platforms But Youngsters Should Not Stop Learning And Improving Their Skills Every Day. Mehedy Again Becomes A Good Example For Those Who Wants To Make Their Career In Digital & Social Media Marketing. Mehedy tells us that “it does not take any educational qualification to be a digital marketer if one has intellectual and research thinking”

Early Life

Mehedy Hasan has successfully created a good image in his society. He makes a point to advise youngsters like him through ethical knowledge. Words of wisdom, bring in souls freedom, and words of Mehedy Hasan are meant to be considered the same. He’s a big motivation for the youths on today’s date. With his good presence on social media and several ventures coming one after the other, Mehedy is all set to conquer the world with his content generation acumen and an acute sense of what the audience needs. He believes he has a lot more to show the world. Mehedy goal is to make some interesting and relatable content. Which can be distributed worldwide