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Meditation House
Industry Education, Health, and Well-being
Founder(s) Dan Globus
Key people Dan Globus (founder)

Meditation House is an organization founded by Dan Globus that teaches corporate meditation programs. It is currently based in Catskill, New York, US.[1]


Dan Globus, who has been trained by Tibetan Buddhist monks for over a decade, founded Meditation House in 2015[2] Globus has been trained by Tibetan Buddhist monks of the Gelug and Karma Kagyu lineages for over a decade in Mindfulness, Vipassana, and traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques. He has also been certified as a mindfulness teacher. He has been meditating for over 50 years[3] and has extensive training in Tibetan Buddhism. Globus also holds a Bachelor's degree in marketing from New York University (1986)[4] and has an extensive background in web design[5] and digital marketing.[6] Globus' corporate experience includes serving as a lead website manager and SEO specialist for the California-based audio advertising company AdsWizz.[7]

Overview of Meditation House

Meditation House focuses on corporate clients, organizations, and companies and provides meditation classes for employees. It is currently a registered business in the State of New York,[8][9] and classes are held virtually via Zoom and other online conferencing platforms as well as in Catskill, New York.[10]


Meditation House offers mindfulness classes for employees that have specific themes geared towards each corporation’s needs. The classes are led by Dan Globus.[3] During the COVID-19 pandemic, many classes are currently being held online via Zoom.[11]

The Compassion Center

The Compassion Center (TCC for short), a subsidiary of Meditation House focusing on individuals, teaches mindfulness and meditation classes, virtually via Zoom as well as in person. People from all walks of life and of all ages attend TCC classes. Originally founded in Staten Island, New York, TCC is currently based in Catskill, New York.[12]

The Compassion Center provides guidance to people experiencing anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more. TCC also teaches people who want to learn more about meditation and compassion.[13]


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