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War in Pocket
Medilance and Plague box
Publication information
Created by DX9 Toys
In-story information
Member(s) Medilance and Plague

Medilance and Plague are a team of fictional characters and third-party Transformer homages to Generation 1 Ratchet and Scourge made by DX9 Toys.

DX9 Toys

Medilance and Plague and a set of third-party Transformer toys by DX9 Toys. They are inspired by the Generation 1 characters Ratchet and Scourge.


Medilance and Plague were released in December 2014.

Reprolabels released label sets for Medilance and Plague in April 2015.



  • DX9 Toys Medilance and Plague (2014)
Guartinel was remolded and recolored into Medilance.
  • Reprolabels Medilance (2015)
A set of sticker for Medilance.[1]
  • Reprolabels Plague (2015)
A set of sticker for Plague.[2]


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