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Picture With MD Tamim Mohabbat
Native name মো তামিম মোহাব্বত
Born Born In 05 July 1996
Occupation Merchant Navy Officer, Entrepreneur

MD TAMIM MOHABBAT (born July 5, 1996) is a distinguished Merchant Navy officer and a successful entrepreneur. He is the proud owner of three thriving companies, namely,, and

Early Life and Education

Tamim completed his SSC in 2012 from ISLAM GANTI HIGH SCHOOL and his HSC from Ishwardi Government College in 2014. He pursued his passion for the maritime industry by undertaking pre-sea training in Nautical Science at United Maritime Academy in 2018.


Tamim's career in the Merchant Navy has been marked by dedication and excellence. His commitment to the nautical field is evident through his successful website,, which serves as a valuable resource for aspiring seafarers and maritime enthusiasts worldwide.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Tamim Mohabbat has also made significant strides in the business world. He is the driving force behind, a company known for [brief description of's activities]. Additionally,, another of Tamim's brainchildren, is making waves in the [mention the industry] sector, exporting [mention the products or services] to a global clientele.

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