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Picture Of Md Saiful Islam
Freelance Photographer
Native name মোঃ সাইফুল ইসলাম
Born সাইফুল
02 February 1988
Nangalkot, Cumilla
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladesh
Education Masters of Management
Occupation Photographer
Home town Cumilla
Height 5'11"
Weight 76kg


From his early days in Cumilla, Bangladesh, Md Saiful Islam developed a deep interest in the art of photography. Initially, due to limited resources, he began capturing moments with his mobile phone. However, he soon recognized the need for an upgrade. In 2014, with the generous support of his brothers, he acquired a DSLR camera, marking the true commencement of his photographic odyssey. Portrait photography, along with travel and documentary photography, captivate his imagination. Over the past few years, he has traversed both near and distant lands, unveiling captivating human narratives. His unyielding passion lies in exploring diverse facets of human existence and immortalizing them through his lens.

Having completed his Masters of Management at Govt Titumir College under the National University of Bangladesh, Saiful's photography has flourished, garnering over 30 national and international accolades while gracing the pages of esteemed publications worldwide. For Saiful, it is crucial to capture not only the inherent beauty he encounters but also the myriad of socio-economic challenges prevalent in his homeland. He perceives this as not just an interest but a moral obligation.

"As a documentary photographer, I bear the responsibility of shedding light on socio-economic issues and their impact on human lives," he asserts. "I firmly believe in the transformative power of photography to reshape perceptions and address societal changes and concerns." Yet, amid his profound observations, Saiful emphasizes that hope often prevails. "My photographic journey encompasses not only the portrayal of social, political, and financial turmoil but also celebrates the artistic allure and indomitable resilience of the human spirit."


My inspiration is derived from witnessing the accomplishments of esteemed photographers in Bangladesh, who have been recognized with prestigious awards. Moreover, the unwavering support of my family has played a crucial role in fueling my motivation and determination to excel in this field. The acknowledgment and accolades I have received along the way have further validated my passion and dedication.


The essence of photography lies in its ability to communicate and immortalize fleeting moments in time. By capturing a photograph and sharing it with others, you are essentially presenting a frozen fragment of existence. Such a moment encapsulates a multitude of narratives, ranging from the ambiance of the surroundings to the activities and interactions of the individuals involved. Through photography, you have the power to convey a wealth of information and evoke a wide range of emotions, allowing viewers to glean insights and form connections with the depicted subjects and their environment.


My photographs published in national and international Newspapers and magazines.



  • Awards 2021: The Environmentalist

Second prize winner of this category Lobeckstraße 30-35, 10969 Berlin, Germany

  • B&W Child Photo Competition 2020

Won First Prize and Honorable Mention in the Lifestyle Category. Black and white child photo competition in Germany

  • IAPB Photo Competition 2020

Won a Canon Camera and lens World Sight Day 2020 IAPB Photo Competition, UK

  • The House of Camera - AWARDS 2020

Won First Prize on street Category - NIKON Z50 camera The House of Camera - AWARDS 2020

  • Fine Work Award 2021

Got Fine Work Award From 2021 ICM International Martial Arts Photo Contest, Korea

  • Award - Highly Recommended Image

Highly Recommended image Awarded. Organized by ORANGE CITY PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB, NAGPUR, INDIA



  • Top 10 finalist of Photography4Humanity

2019 Photography 4 Humanity Exhibit! United Nations headquarters in New York City

  • Life in a Pandemic award

Received Prize Money in the photo competition of Life in a Pandemic Organized by Khowab ( contestia ) , Australia

  • Muse Photography Awards 2022

Platinum Winner 2022 People Photography - Environmental

  • Honorable mention

Honorable mention - special - open theme Neutral Density Photography Awards 2020 (ND Award)

  • Grand Mobile Photo

First prize winner of this category

60-523 Poznań, ul. J.H. Dąbrowskiego 75/66, Poland

  • HIPA instagram award (FromAbove)
  • Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2023

Won 3rd Prize in the freedom category


  • Bangladesh Tourism Board Award

Selected participants award. Bangladesh Tourism Board is the National tourism organization of Bangladesh

  • KUPS Photo Awards 2020

Won two honorable mention awards. khulna university photography society (KUPS)

  • Beautiful Bangladesh - CPS 2022

Beautiful Bangladesh Mobile photo contest 2022 Won Honorable mention award Organized by Cumilla Photographic Society

  • Bangladesh Through the Lens

First Prize in the HISTORY Category EMK Center, Dhaka

  • IGPS Award 2019

Won Category Champion of Lifestyle and Honorable Mention of Black & White category Image Ghor Photographic Society ( IGPS )


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