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Life is beautiful if you can enjoy it beautifully
Native name মোঃ শাহাদাত হোসাইন
Born 31 March 2001 (2001-03-31) (age 21)
Kamalnagar, Lakshmipur
Residence Laxmipur
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Dagonbhuiyan Azizia Fazil Madrasah
Occupation Musical Artist
Years active 2019-present
Known for Musical Artist, freelancing, social media security and management
Home town Kamalnagar, Lakshmipur
Height 5.2"
Religion Muslim
Parents Jalal Ahmed, Lutfun Nahar

MD Sahadat Hossain (মোঃশাহাদাত হোসাইন) was born on 30 march 2001 in Koruna Nagar, Kamalnagar , Lakshmipur, District, Division, Chitagong, Bangladesh. He is known for his singing skills. He is a Singer, Lyricist, Performer, and YouTube celebrity. He writes love songs and sings for true lovers and other kinds which outward feelings of peoples.


MD Shahadat Hossain (মোঃ শাহাদাত হোসাইন) a Musical Artist. Shahadat Hossain used to study from the village. He moved to Feni, in 2018 after his mother passed away and started his studies from Dagonbhuiyan, Feni. Studied till 6th standard in village Later he gave JSC and SSC exam from Dagonbhuiyan,Feni After coming to Feni, he started music and freelancing. Along with the song,In late 2018, he started working on social media security and management and is still working on digital marketing. Graphic Design,His studies are not completed yet he is continuing his studies from Feni. But apart from studies, he is involved in his brother's business and digital marketing & music.'He currently lives in Feni, Dagonbhuiya with his Family's .


Shahadat Hossain has many credentials as a music composer, blogger, website designer, lyricist and essayist. But he feels more comfortable in his career as a music composer. His composers “Moner Ghore Jayga Niye” and “Valobashay Mollo Jodi Na Pay Se Volobash Kore Ki Lav” received special praise from the audience. That music is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers in other countries including Bangladesh.

Early life and Education

Shahadat Hossain is a 22 years old young boy who studied at Azizia Fazil Madrasah &Iqbal Memorial Degree College,Dagonbhuiyan,Feni, Bangladesh.

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