Md Sagor (born 2002)

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Md Sagor
Native name মোঃ সাগর
Born 02 Januyary 2002
Netrokona, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Residence Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Laxmigonj high School
Years active 2019- present
Home town Netrokona, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Height 5.6"

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Early Life

Md Sagor is a Digital Creator. He was born on 02 Januyary 2002 in Netrokona, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Md. Sagor is a modern video maker, he has produced many videos. Thanks for Reading.


Worked as a data entry operator in a private company for 3 years, currently working as a digital designer.

Personal Life

He is a generous hearted person who always likes to be smiling and happy. He loves his family very much.

Favorite Sports

01. Football 02. Chess

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