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Md Robin [1]
Md Robin
Born July 15, 2000 (2000-07-15) (age 22)
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist, Web Developer
Years active 2017
Organization Aesthetic
Known for Musical Artist , Junior Web Developer
Home town Sakhipur
Title Musical Artist & Junior Web Developer

'Md Robin [1], Author,Web Developer CEO / Founder at Aesthetic.

Early Life

Md Robin Started Working at Aesthetic as a group owner in 2020. He started programming journey with Jhanker Mahbub(Founder of Programming Hero).


He passed intermediate at 2020. Recently He started his new passion with making Msuic. He published some music on some streaming platform like Spotify, ITunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music etc. He working with that's two sides.


Sr No. Song Name Year
1 Reolbmian By Md Robin [2] 2021


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