Md Nasim Ahmad

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Md Nasim Ahmad
Born Md Nasim Ahmad
Residence Sylhet
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Mc College,Sylhet
Occupation Web Developer
Years active 2020-Present
Known for Professional Achievements
Home town Hometown, Country
Height 5 feet 8 inches

Md Nasim Ahmad is a professional Web Developer in Bangladesh . Born on 12 November in Sylhet, Nasim has a passion for personal and professional growth.

 Nasim's technical knowledge combined with his creative flair make him a web developer who can bring any digital vision to life.


As a professional web developer, Md Nasim Ahmad has honed his skills in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. He has a knack for crafting intuitive user experiences and visually appealing interfaces.

Reflecting on the journey, Nasim says, 'I believe in hard work and continuous improvement. My achievements are a result of persistent effort and a commitment to excellence.'

Born and Identity

Nasim was born on 12 November in Sylhet, Bangladesh.


Over the years, Md Nasim Ahmad has built an impressive portfolio of web development projects for clients across a variety of industries. From e-commerce sites to web apps and beyond, he has consistently delivered solutions that meet client needs and drive business results.


Mother: Rowshon Ara Begum

Father: Md Gous Uddin Ahmad

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