Md Mahamudul Kabir Noyon

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Md Mahamudul Kabir Noyon Blue badge.png
Native name মোঃ মাহামুদুল কবির নয়ন
Born 18 March 1996
Pabna, Rajshahi
Residence Rajshahi
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Birshrestha Munsi Abdur Rauf Sheikh School and College
Occupation Journalist
Years active 2012
Known for Entrepreneur, Author & Journalist
Height 5'6"
Religion Muslim
Spouse Married

I am a humanitarian journalist. I try to find mainstream journalists of the country and add my organization to daily crime search. I like to write against injustice for the country. Not everyone likes me, but some people who love me are my well wishers. My father and mother work in border Bangladesh. So I am a proud BGB child. Just as my father took the oath to defend the country, I want to sacrifice myself for the country. I want to be a journalist and stand by the helpless people of my country[1][2]

Early life and personal life

Md Mahamudul Kabir Noyon[3] up Pabna - Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Noyon's father is an Border Guard Bangladesh is an officer and his mother is Border Guard is a staff of Bangladesh. We are three brothers . At the age of 20 he started his Journalism career as a reporter at Weekly alokitw ukhiya and some of national newspaper.[4][5]


Md Mahamudul Kabir Noyon started his journey as News Reporter in 2012 and since then he works for newspapers. After graduation he started His career as a Publisher and Editor of Daily Crime Talash.[6][7]

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