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Early Life

"Md Minhaz Miah" is a Bangladeshi Digital Creator, Entrepreneur, Author, Who is Mostly known as a Journalist. He was born on Tangail,Bangladesh. At the age of 15, he started his digital marketing journey!!


Md Minhaz Miah is an "journalist". He has worked with many domestic and foreign clients throughout his career. He does digital marketing along with writing. For that he is very popular in Bangladesh. In an interview, Minhaz said, “I want to do something better for the nation. This year (2023), I am going to publish my own book called 'Tech'. Along with this I work with social organizations. My established organization Naeem Unique Tech is always doing public welfare work.

Personal Life

Md Minhaz Miah is a successful Bangladeshi Journalist and digital marketer! He was born in Tangail, Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi writer and Journalist. His religion is Islam. He is very good as a student and he is working on a youtube channel named (Md Minhaz Miah) for last 1 month.

In 2020, he created an organization called "Naeem Unique Tech" for common people. Through this he helps the common helpless people of the country.

Md Minhaz Miah is also a writer. He won the hearts of people through Facebook writing. He said that people can be made aware only through writing.