Maya's Treasure

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Maya's Treasure
Type Web Game, Online casino game, Video slot
Industry Online Gambling Software Technology


Maya’s Treasure is a video slot game of the online casino game producer Expanse Studios, created in 2020 as a web game [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. It is a game of chance, utilizing the Random Number Generator (RNG) as the basis regulating the randomness of each spin. It was developed using standard web technologies and it represents a computer game available on all web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It can be used without downloading on a computer, and it requires a stable internet connection since the front-end of the game is downloaded through web, that is, through plugins. The game is fully developed using HTML5 technology, provided by the front-end, responsible for introducing media elements.

Game Specification and Functioning

Maya’s Treasure is an online video slot, single player game, with five reels in three rows, with symbols and 20 fixed payment lines. It does not include classic reels that spin and thus change the distribution of all symbols of the game board, it is a so-called Cascading reels (Tumbling/Rolling). The main difference between these two is the removal of symbols from the game board after each winning combination: with cascade reels, only the winning symbols will be removed, introducing new ones. In this manner the game is continued with the new setting and it has the potential to develop a series of combinations. With these cascading reels, Maya’s Treasure comes with multipliers, whose start depends on the winning sequences. Since this is a video slot, it offers additional promotional tools such as bonus games with free spins.

To start the reel, in addition to the standard Spin button, this casino slot has a so-called Auto play mode, used for automatic reproduction of a certain number of spins. Additional settings include Quickspin button, used for accelerating the game.


Thematically, Maya’s Treasure is a game with adventurous background, inspired by the ancient South American civilization of Maya. The game was designed accordingly, with strong impact of the Mayan construction style, inspiring the symbols. In the first row, these are stone carved totems, joined by the jewel symbols, also carved in stone, representing the treasure in the slot’s name. Fast beating music, dominated by the drum fits the environment, interrupted periodically with audio effects of stone reels falling.

In addition to these basic symbols, the slot has special ones, that include functions in casino games. The first special symbol is the joker, in middle reels, with the function of replacing all basic symbols on the game board. The last symbol of this slot is the scatter symbol, in charge of starting the bonus game, which is a frequent tool in video slots, and this bonus game includes multipliers.

Video slot Maya’s Treasure, in addition to the main and bonus game, that have their own betting system, based on predetermined rules for winnings calculations, has a special game with additional bets. Also known as Double or Nothing, Gamble or Black/Red, includes betting on card suit.

Maya's Treasure can be found at Meridian Gaming.