Max Weiss (marketing)

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Max Weiss (marketing)
[[File:Max weiss.jpg|frameless|alt=]]
Max Weiss (Marketing)
Native name Max Weiss (Marketing)
Born 2000/02/25
Munich , Germany
Citizenship Germany
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for Digital Marketing Expert
Home town Germany
Title Digital Expert

Max Weiss (Marketing)[1][2][3] (born 25 February 2000) in Munich, Germany is an Entrepreneur[4][5][6][7] , Social Media Marketing Expert and Digital Influnecer . Max Weiss is the founder of Weiss Consulting and Marketing GmbH[8][9][10] which is located in Bad Tölz.

Max Weiss is a consulting expert and has helped many add agencies setting up their business online as well as offline[11]

Early Life and Education

Max Weiss[12] considered Steve Jobs as his role model from begenning of his career . The young entrepreneur Max Weiss has developed his skills not by education and studies by practising his work on the field. His business has been a lot about trial and errors and that is how he has learnt about digital marketing .


Max Weiss[13] is the owner of the firm named Weiss Consulting and Marketing GmbH[14] which is a reputed online business consulting company which has more than 300 clients.

Besides this, he is also a consultant at many advertising agencies and is helping many clients generate online as well as offline presence by doing the right branding.


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